Realistic Eye Drawing

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January 3, 2016
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January 3, 2016

Realistic Eye Drawing

Realistic Eye Drawing: Colored pencils drawing of a realistic eye.

Materials: Giotto Colored Pencils and acrylic paint for the small white details.

Giotto is an italian brand of colored pencils that children normally use at school. They are not expensive thus of course they are not professional!

The mine is not soft as Prismacolor ad in the pack there are only 50 pencils, so there is a lack of skin tones.

This drawing has been a challenge for me: tried to do my best in producing a realistic eye using this kind of pencils.

I hope you will find this video inspiring because I truly believe that we can also use cheaper materials for achieve good results!

For the details I used a small brush with acrylic white paint because I didn’t find a good white pen yet. (If you have any suggestion, please tell me in a comment below!)

This drawing took me 20 hours!

Watch how I draw it in the video below

Realistic Eye Drawing

Final Result

Realistic Eye Drawing

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