Drawing Peter Pan

Colored Pencils Portrait Art
Colored Pencils Portrait “Pure Beuty”
January 4, 2016
Drawing Voldemort Art
Drawing Voldemort
January 4, 2016

Drawing Peter Pan

Drawing Peter Pan: Colored pencils drawing of Peter Pan in the movie “Pan” 2015.

Materials: Prismacolor Colored Pencils and acrylic paint for the small white details.

Hey Guys! My drawing for this week is a portrait of Peter Pan in the movie Pan. The difficulties in the drawing are the hair and the effect of the sword.
I reproduced the effect of the blade creating contrast of white, gray and blue and drawing streaks.
I achieved the effect of the hair using dark shades for the root and the ends and light shades for light up the curls.

This drawing took me 15 hours!

Watch how I draw it in the video below!

 Drawing Peter Pan

Final Result

Drawing Peter Pan Fan Art

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