Magic Drawings is a Collection of Special 3D Drawings. In this collection you can find videos in which I make speed realistic drawings of everyday life objects with a magic surprise at the end of the video.

For this kind of videos I draw Objects of everyday life in 3D, trying to make them as real as possible.
I make 3D drawings reproducing a lot of details, lights and a realistic shadow at the bottom of the objects, creating the 3D effect. The most important thing is the compliance with the proportions. The drawing has to be almost the same size of the original object, otherwise the magic can’t happen.
In this section you can also find easy drawings with a very special surprise at the end. Indeed, at the end of the videos, my drawings come to life becoming real!

I create these magic animations using video making software like Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects.

I hope you like this new idea of drawings.

September 16, 2016
Drawing Nikon Cap

Drawing Nikon lens cap

Drawing Nikon lens cap
January 3, 2016
Drawing Minecraft Art 3D

Drawing Minecraft Animated